iOS Update 1.10: PDF Export

We are happy to announce PDF Exporting, a great enhancement to your Day One journal. With the release of version 1.10 on iPhone and iPad, you now have the ability to export your entire journal, selected filtered entries or a single entry to a beautifully formatted PDF file.

You can send the PDF directly to cloud services, email or even print directly to AirPrint compatible printers. You can also retrieve the PDF files in iTunes. We love sending our PDF exports to Apple’s iBooks app—the navigation and reading mode is the perfect way to browse the PDF copy of your journal.

With the export filter options you have the ability to only include specific tags. For example, you can export a PDF of all your “European Vacation” tagged entries. There’s also a easy to use date range filter to help you further refine your export.

This feature assures that these treasured entries are backed up and available to you in a format that you can save, share and store forever.

The 1.10 update (Release Notes | Download Here ) also includes some great speed and sync improvements as well as 30 days of historical weather data. We’re on a mission to make Day One better and better. Thanks for supporting us.

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