Reviews from the New Updates

I’m happy to report the new update has been a success and users are happy to be adding photos and locations with weather to their entries now. There have been several reports of users going back into the past and adding several photos to previous entries. Myself included.

I’d like to share some of the excellent reviews and coverage of Day One in the media:

The Verge, Day One: journal app nirvana in the Twitter age by Ellis Hamburger:

Day One is a private log of your thoughts, and the other miscellanea you find worth noting in your daily life. Thanks to a simple and always accessible new kind of micro-journaling in Day One, I’ve again realized the value in smelling the roses and writing down the little things that matter.

Shawn Blanc, Review: Day One:

If being able to add photos is Day One’s killer new feature, the icing on the cake is the automatic adding of location and weather data to your journal entries.

MacStories, Review: The New Day One by Federico Viticci:

Day One stands out because it’s not a tool, it’s a personal experience. I can tell you what Day One does, and I can write about the things I do with it. But I can’t tell you how you should use it.

Federico also shared this tweet:

And guess what? Most used app these days is Day One. That’s some serious life-changing software for me. Keeps me going.

LOKAN, Day One Update with Photos, Locations and Weather:

Belated Praise for Day One by Matt Alexander

In essence, Day One has provided an invaluable semblance of coherence to the disjointed digital wilderness in which my data — and, therefore, my experiences — reside.

Ben Dolman and I were invited to speak on an awesome new 5by5 podcast called Systematic hosted by Brett Terpstra. Listen to us talk about design, programming for Day One and other geeky stuff.

Systematic: Episode 4

Speaking of Terpstra, Brett followed up his nice giveaway of 10 sets of Day One promo codes with a really cool way to import your social feeds into Day One. See Slogger.

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