So Long 2021

If our journal entries are any indication, this year did not turn out how we thought it would. Of course, that can probably be said for most years. But this year especially threw most of the world a proverbial curveball. We don’t know what was written in the Day One journals of users across the world, but we imagine they are much like ours—full of feelings of optimism and excitement followed by another round of concern and trepidation.

As we scan back through our own journals, we realize that while there’s an ever-present awareness of things happening on the global scale, most of what we wrote about, photographed, and otherwise recorded was on a much more personal level. The “pages” are filled with tales of mind-blowing banana cream pies, failed Halloween costumes, and embarrassing virtual meeting blunders. It’s the small moments that tend to become the sweetest memories.

As we enter the final hours of the year, we hope you will take a moment to reflect upon the things you’ve decided to jot down. What events, feelings, or experiences are you relieved you recorded? What do you wish you had written more about? Did you maintain your journaling streak or were there a few too many blank days in your calendar this year? Did you add any videos to your journal, record any audio, or answer the daily prompts? As we’ve always said, there’s no right way to journal and the only wrong way is to not journal at all. So if you haven’t started, join us. And if you have, stay with us. We don’t know what 2022 has in store, but we imagine it’ll once again be full of surprises—surprises worth preserving in Day One.

Happy New Year! –The Day One Team

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