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270 Days with Doug Fleener

In a world of fleeting social media updates and digital interactions, Doug Fleener advocates for the deep reflection and intentionality that comes with daily journaling. As an author, speaker, coach, and business advisor, Doug has found consistency and personal growth from chronicling life’s seemingly ordinary moments through journaling.

His commitment to daily reflection has not only been a mechanism for personal accountability in various aspects of his life, but has sparked an exploration into the profound impact of living each day with purpose.

How long have you been keeping a journal?

I started almost 37 years ago when I entered recovery. While I have been off and on in the last ten years, I have been journaling every day since I found Day One.

What makes journaling important to you? 

Three reasons:

  1. First, it’s important for me to start my day focused on getting down the thoughts in my head, the type of day I want to have, and the person I want to be. I end my day by reflecting on how I did with those intentions.
  2. Second, I like to capture small and big moments in my day as a living history. 
  3. Third, I use it to create streaks in different areas of my life. It’s an accountability tool.

What do you usually journal about?

The areas above. I also have individual journals/streaks, including:

Writing and publishing a book. I wrote my new book,The Day Makes the Year (Makes a Life),” in 64 straight days. I captured the number of words I wrote, the progress, and any particular wins or issues. There were days I didn’t want to write, but more importantly, I didn’t want to break my streak.

I have another journal for weight loss. It’s a terrific accountability tool for me. 

One other journal is the Question of the Day. I love putting those in a separate journal to go back and review. Those questions and answers keep me grateful for the life I live.

“I wrote my new book,The Day Makes the Year (Makes a Life),” in 64 straight days. I captured the number of words I wrote, the progress, and any particular wins or issues. There were days I didn’t want to write, but more importantly, I didn’t want to break my streak.”

When do you journal each day?

Always first thing in the morning. There was a time when I would jump into email or social media. Now, I always start with Day One and a good cup of coffee. I will also journal in the evening, although if I miss that, I go back and write the previous evening entry before starting the new day.

What tips or advice would you give others who want to build a journaling habit?

Do it at the same time every day. Start writing even if you’re not sure where it is going. Many of my entries start with how I slept. Then, the ball of thoughts gets rolling.

My other advice is to journal how you’re feeling. I know that’s not easy for everyone. But the more I write about my feelings, the better I feel. Especially when I’m feeling good. It also helps me work things out if I’m frustrated, worried, or resentful. I can’t afford to carry any resentments, so when I write them out, I am well on my way to let them go.

What have you learned from keeping a journal?

I learned so much that it led me to write my book about how the year and my life are created by what I do each day. It started with my journaling about living a day without a drink or a drug. It then evolved about how certain principles in my life were working for me. It significantly helped me learn to live with intentional actions. 

What is your favorite thing about the Day One app?

Having multiple journals that are so easily accessible. The layout where the day and date stand out helps me keep my daily journaling streak going. I do not want to miss a day!

How has Day One helped you journal consistently? 

The simplicity. I’m a firm believer that there is brilliance in simplicity. In software, processes, and our lives. Day One has everything I need for successful daily journaling.

Doug’s Daily Journaling to Success

Doug speaks to the invaluable role the Day One app has played in his personal and professional development, underscoring its pivotal role in his 300-day streak of daily reflections. “As a daily performance expert, journaling and Day One is critical to my success. So much that I encourage the readers of my book to download it. “

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