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1,800 Days with Jason Sifkarovski

With an unbroken streak of 1,800 days, Jason Sifkarovski is no stranger to the transformative power of journaling. As a dedicated veterinarian hailing from New York State, Jason first embarked on his journaling journey as a means of capturing the day’s events and preserving his memories. Since then, his journal has evolved into a second brain—a therapeutic outlet for major health events, appointment summaries, fitness milestones, and thoughtful self-reflections.

Join us as we delve into Jason’s experiences with the habit of journaling, his advice for building consistency, and the surprising role the Day One app has played in shaping his daily routine. Learn how journaling has not only helped him process his thoughts but also has allowed him to focus on the present without worrying about the memories fading with time. Jason’s unique story sheds light on the often overlooked aspect of journaling—that it is not about crafting beautiful prose or producing a tangible outcome, but rather a tool for introspection, self-understanding, and growth.

How long have you been keeping a journal?

1800 days (no journal before Day One).

What makes journaling important to you? 

It started as a way to recollect the day’s events and to minimize losing memories to time. It’s since evolved into much more of a second brain (see next answer) that’s part of my normal routine building, goal setting, etc.

What do you usually journal about?

In addition to the day’s summary, I log major health events/updates, appointment summaries, fitness milestones, and use it as a space to jot down longer self-reflections on current affairs, life decisions, etc. I rarely read these, but I’m a firm believer in moving things out of your mind as a way to better remember and process them. Typing/writing slows down the brain and gives you a more satisfying and productive reflection.

“I don’t think society spends enough time reflecting on its own thoughts, dissecting why we think the way we do, and paying attention to how our minds and ideas change over time. Journaling gives you an avenue to do that, without telling you how to do it.”

When do you journal each day?

Usually before bed, but I’ll share screenshots, pictures, and other noteworthy thoughts to the app throughout the day, though.

What tips or advice would you give others who want to build a journaling habit?

Don’t worry about organization, streaks, or strong purpose. Listen to what your mind tells you to write about, and over time your needs will declare themselves. I’ve never been a streak-watcher, but now opening or sharing to the app is a reflex.

What have you learned from keeping a journal?

I expected to look back at past memories and posts more, and I hardly look back at all now. It’s very freeing to know you can focus on what’s in front of you without worrying about memories fading or changing with time.

What is your favorite thing about the Day One app? 

The design, to be honest. My mind focuses a lot on aesthetics – great apps that look bad are a chore to use, and (to a degree) I’ll mold my workflow to an app I like looking at. Day One is functional and aesthetic without feeling bloated, so it sits in a nice sweet spot.

How has Day One helped you journal more consistently? 

Day One is functional, reliable, and reasonably priced, so my eyes don’t wander to other apps. Being able to share from other apps (I use it almost exclusively on iPad and iPhone) and choose a journal from the share extension is quick and reliable. It also sounds silly, but being able to play with the app icon colors means it’s well adapted to staying on my Home Screen (which I change a lot). It’s nice to look at!

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