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Tutorial: Remembering the Past with Day One

One of the big advantages of having a digital journal like Day One is that, at any point, you can search through your entries effortlessly. All your thoughts, ideas, and memories are always one simple search away. It is easy to remember your past with Day One’s powerful search tools.

Not sure how? Let us show you then!

Searching in Day One Mac

Day One has a powerful keyword search that allows you to find entries easily and quickly both on the Mac and iOS. Let’s say you want to find a particular quote from a Kurt Vonnegut book you’ve recently read, but you can’t quite remember it. On your Mac, first find the search bar on the top right corner of Day One for Mac:

Then, simply type “Vonnegut” to find the entry that might contain the quote. Find the entry you want from the search results list, open the entry, and enjoy!

Yes, it’s that easy!

Map Searching in Day One Mac

Besides our text search, the recent OSX Mavericks update has also allowed us to offer a new Map Search. Instead of finding your entries by keywords, you can browse written entries through a beautiful map view.

Let’s say you remembered going to a gorgeous beach the last time you were in Brazil, but you’ve forgotten its name. With the Map search feature in Day One for Mac, you find Brazil on the map and look at the entries you made while you there, all marked by blue dots.

That’s all there is to it.

Searching in Day One iOS

Searching on the go while using Day One for iOS is as easy as searching on the Mac. Let’s try the same search for that Vonnegut book, this time on an iPhone. First, while in the timeline view, swipe down to show the search bar, then type “Vonnegut.”

Find the entry and the quote you were looking for.


Now you know how to use keyword and map search in Day One. Now go journal, and rest assured that Day One will come to the rescue when you need to recall something.

About the Author

Tulio Jarocki is a student, design aficionado, and journaling enthusiast. When he is not writing about the rewards of journaling for Day One, he can be seen drinking coffee, running, or just out and about in Boston.

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