Version 3

We are proud to introduce the latest iteration of the Day One journaling application. Version 3 is a major update to the foundation of the app text editor with redesigned shortcut menus for text formatting and adding content like photos and tags. Accompanying this update are two new Premium features, Dark Mode and Audio Recording.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode has been applied throughout the app with a custom theme, utilizing the pure black on the iPhone X True Tone display and it looks amazing. Dark Mode Auto Toggle setting will update Light/Dark mode based on the sunset time in your current location. There is an option to customize this or have Dark Mode always on.

Audio recording is available in 2 modes:

  • 1-Minute Transcription Mode uses Apple’s Speech dictation service. Transcription is auto-added to the entry after recording ends.
  • 30-Minute Audio-Only Mode.

Audio Tip: Long-press on the audio record button for option to select a 1-time recording mode. Default setting is in Settings > Advanced. You may also import audio clips via share extension, or paste from clipboard (from Voice Memos, Voicemail, and more). Supported file types are .m4a

New Unified Editor

We’ve been working on a new, custom text editor for over a year as a way to unify and improve the experience of writing and composing a journal entry. Previously we relied on 2 separate views for an entry; Edit Mode, a native text editor with some Markdown highlighting, and Read Mode, a web-view to render Markdown to HTML. The separate views created a disconnect in certain cases like longer entries, if you wanted to make an edit at the bottom while in Read Mode, toggling to Edit mode wouldn’t line up exactly where you were. As we started exploring Audio Recording and Dark Mode, we realized a value this unified editor would bring to the overall experience in Day One. Now it’s a single view in both modes; no more HTML view. To continue support for Markdown, Markdown Tables, and HTML embeds, we came up with an interesting solution using code blocks. Code blocks now have a toggle button to switch between Code View and Web View. Existing Markdown Tables will be automatically detected, wrapped in a code block and toggled to Web View. This preserves the rendered table and allows it to be modified and edited. The state of each code block toggle is saved to the entry and synced to preserve the desired state of each block.

Checklists are another great benefit to the new editor as you can now toggle the checklist items in edit or read mode. What you see is what you get. Markdown basics like headers, lists, bold, italic, rule lines, are automatically converted to rich text, instantly hiding the markdown syntax. We’ve also added a new content editor menu that makes adding this text formatting easy without knowing the Markdown shortcuts.

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