Day One Classic is Retired

Day One Classic is no longer being updated. Here's why, and how to get your data from Day One Classic to Day One

Day One (version 1.0) launched in early 2011 as a paid app, we consistently rolled out free updates, feature upgrades, and customer support for over 4 years.

On February 2016, Day One (version 2) was released as a paid upgrade. It was the result of two years of design and development and is the future platform of the Day One Journal experience.

At that time, Day One Classic was removed from the App Store. Previous owners are still able to use the app, access, and re-install Classic from their purchase history. It remains mostly functional, but as software services such as iOS, macOS, Dropbox and iCloud change and improve, we can no longer keep this legacy app functional.

In July 2017, Day One (version 2) was made a free download, with limitations for free users, and a Premium upgrade option via subscription for users that want sync, multiple journals, multiple photos, and many other new features.

The free version of the app will allow Classic users to install and import all entries from Day One Classic at no cost. And remain very useful and functional as a free app.

At this time we recommend transitioning off of Day One Classic into Day One (version 2) on iOS and Mac.


With the release of iOS 11, there have been some issues reported with Classic. These were not known to us until users reported them because we have not been testing or updating Classic. It is likely that Classic would continue to work on older versions of iOS, but upgrading to iOS 11 will cause problems.

Dropbox recently announced that they are retiring API v1 as of September 28, 2017. This is causing sync to stop working with Dropbox in Classic.

The new subscription model in Day One allows us to continue updating this single version indefinitely. We will never release a new, separate app, all future updates and upgrades will be part of this app binary.

We feel this is best for our users and for the future of Day One. We believe Day One to be a “lifetime” app and we want to be around as long as you are to store your entries.

Please contact our support team if you have any questions or concerns.

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