How do I download Day One Classic (version 1)?

Downloading Day One Classic from the App Store

As Day One Classic is no longer available for purchase, it has been removed from the App Store.

Note: Day One Classic (version 1.x) has not been updated since March 2016. It has been retired. We strongly recommend updating to the current version of Day One. See here.

If you’ve previously purchased Day One Classic (version 1.x), you can download it from your purchase history. You must be using the same Apple ID and be located in the same country as when you first downloaded Day One Classic.

iOS 14 or earlier

Day One Classic no longer is functional on iOS 15 or later. 

Tap your account photo at the top right of the App Store > Purchased > Search for “Day One”.


(macOS 10.13 and earlier)

  • Mac App Store > Purchased (tab at the top) > then scroll to find “Day One Classic”.

(macOS 10.14 and later)

Click your profile at the bottom left. Scroll to find Day One Classic.

iPhone (iOS 10)

  • App Store > Updates > Purchased, then search for “Day One”. (See video below)

iPad (iOS 10)

  • App Store > Purchased (tab at the bottom).

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