Day One Web Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Day One on the web unveils a distinctive set of challenges and advantages. Unlike traditional native apps, the web version of Day One offers users the flexibility to log in and access their digital journal(s) from virtually any platform. This heightened accessibility, while fostering convenience, introduces unique complexities stemming from diverse browsers, operating systems, and device configurations. Navigating the intricacies of Day One on the web requires a nuanced approach to address issues related to login, syncing, and performance.

Importance of Backups

In the realm of digital journaling, where personal memories and reflections are captured, the significance of regular backups cannot be overstated.

While it’s important to always have regular backups, it’s even more crucial during technical difficulties. Especially while encountering any sort of syncing errors. Please navigate to these help guides to back up your data.

iOS / Mac –
Android –

The web app does not yet have an export option. If you are experiencing syncing issues with our servers, please proceed with caution. All of our troubleshooting points will include a warning if there is a potential risk of data loss due to unsynchronized data.

System Requirements

Day One Web, a browser-based application, operates on various operating systems without specific hardware requirements. While there is no specified minimum hardware, users are advised to ensure they are using the latest version of their preferred browser for optimal performance and behavior. To confirm your browser version, you can visit websites such as Browse Happy or check with the specific browser vendor to identify the latest version available.

It’s important to note that Day One Web is compatible with most browsers, except for Mozilla Firefox in private mode, where functionality may be compromised. For the best experience, users are encouraged to use the latest version of their browser outside of private mode.

Common Issues and Solutions

Login and Account Issues

Multiple Accounts

It’s possible to have multiple accounts with Day One without being aware of it, thanks to the availability of multiple sign-in options.

If you’ve accidentally signed into an account that isn’t your primary one, then follow this guide on merging Day One accounts.

Forgot your password?

If you believe you’ve forgotten your password, you can attempt to reset it. You will only receive an email if there is an existing Day One account attached to that email address.

Syncing Problems

Data Mismatch between Devices

First step is to verify which device has the content that hasn’t synced up to the servers.

Afterwards, begin troubleshooting the devices and sync via this help guide:

Web Not Downloading Content

⚠️ Proceed with Caution

Ensure that the syncing issue is not widespread. You can check our sync status and social media platforms for more information (, instagram).

Additionally, please make sure that the web app doesn’t have any unsynchronized data (meaning data that is only on the web app and no where else). If all the web app data is synced to the server, then it’s suggested that you log out and log back in to be able to sync down the rest of your content.

Logging out will clear your local browser data and logging back in will put you back in sync with the Day One servers.

If logging out doesn’t work then you can also clear your cache and cookies in the browser you are using.

Web Not Pushing Content

⚠️ Proceed with Caution

Due to your data only being stored locally, you need to proceed with caution. Please make sure you stay logged into Day One Web on the browser, otherwise you will lose your content that is only stored locally.

Ensure that the syncing issue is not widespread. You can check our sync status and social media platforms for more information (, instagram).

Please help us troubleshoot and debug the issue you are encountering with sync by reporting a problem.

By following the “Report a Problem” guide closely, you will speed up the process of receiving help.

Locked Journals?

The first time you login, the web app will need to do a bit of syncing. In the sidebar, you’ll see a message showing your hidden/locked journals. 

Click to unlock journals with key to add your encryption key.

Follow this guide to help you locate your encryption key.

App Performance

Slow Loading Times

Slow loading times can be quite frustrating, so hopefully this section can help you.

  1. Check Internet Connection

Ensuring that your internet connection is stable and has sufficient bandwidth is important for the app to be performing well. If Wi-Fi is slow, perhaps consider using a wired connection instead.

  1. Browser Compatibility

We recommend using the latest version of our supported browsers. For more information on system requirements, see here.

⚠️ Proceed with Caution

If you are not having sync issues, then we suggest logging out and logging back in. We also suggest clearing your browser’s cache and cookies, as outdated or corrupted data might affect loading times.

  1. Device Performance

We encourage you to use a device that has sufficient resources (RAM, CPU) for a smoother experience.

  1. Third-Party Extensions

Browser extensions potentially could be slowing down the Day One web application. Disabling or removing browser extensions one at a time to pinpoint a potential bad actor is suggested.

If you believe you shouldn’t be experiencing performance issues after going through our steps, it’s possible there is a known bug or problem with the application. Please, report the problem via the web application.

App Crashes

If the Day One Web application is causing your browser to crash. Then it is suggested that you first try updating your browser to the latest version and ensuring that you are meeting our system requirements.

The Day One team monitors crashes and errors, but there is still a potential we miss some. It’s important to report a problem with reproducible steps, where possible. If the Day One web application is crashing before you can ever can report the problem via the application, then it’s suggested you contact support.

Data Loss

Our top priority is protecting your data. We have a guide for data loss and recovery options that can be found here.

Ensure that you are indeed signed into the correct account, as it’s very common and easy to accidentally sign into a different account. Multiple accounts is common due to multiple sign-in methods. Please review the steps here.

Some Day One applications support a trash can feature for entries that were accidentally deleted. You may view that guide here, to potentially restore deleted journal entries.

If all else fails, you may contact support and we will attempt to recover your data.

Subscription and Billing

How to Subscribe to Day One Premium

More information on subscribing to Day One Premium can be found here.

View, change, or cancel your Premium subscription

The recurring subscriptions are managed by Apple, Google, or the Day One web application, depending on where it was initiated. Each store has it’s own corresponding refund policies and management locations.

For more information to your Premium subscription management, view this help guide.

Report a Problem

If you encounter any issues, please report them to us using the ‘Report a Problem’ link located in the top left corner of the main sidebar. Before doing so, we recommend reviewing our list of caveats and known issues, accessible through the following link.

We would also appreciate your assistance in debugging and troubleshooting the problem. This can be achieved by locating the developer console. Once found, please take note of any errors you observe, and include this information in your report. Doing so will expedite the process of resolving the issues.

Screenshot of Day One web application showing the “report a problem” link.
Screenshot of Day One web application showing the “report a problem” forum.

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