Creating a Day One account

How to create a Day One account or sign in with Apple ID

In order to use Day One Sync, an account is required. You can create an account with an email and password, or you can use Apple ID to sign in. Be sure to sign in with the same credentials on all devices in order to sync your data. 

Here is how to set up an account. 


Go to and click Create account


  1. Open Day One > Settings > Sign In > New User

  2. Enter your email address or choose Sign up with Apple ID

  3. If you entered your email, follow the instructions in the email

  4. If you chose Apple ID, you are signed in using the credentials stored in your device Settings. This is secure. See here how we use Apple ID to sign in.



  1. Open Day One > Preferences > Sync

  2. Click Sign In

  3. Click Create Account at the bottom or choose to sign in with Apple ID


On Day One Android, you can sign in using your Google account or create a new Day One account. We recommend signing in with your Google account. 

  1. Open Day One > Settings > Sign In > New User

  2. Select the Google account you would like to use or tap “Use another account” to sign into a different Google account.

  3. Your account will automatically be created. 

If you want to sign into your other devices, go to > Sign in with your Google account > Click Add Password. You can then sign into Day One on your devices using your Google email address and password. 


Manage your sync account

Sign in to the server dashboard to view your synced entry count and also to manage your Day One Sync account. 

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Android Play Store
A Day One companion app is available for Android on the Google Play store.