Day One Sync FAQ

FAQs about Day One Sync

What is Day One Sync?

Day One Sync is our service for syncing and backing up your Day One journal on all of your Mac, iOS, and Android devices. It is available for Plus (legacy) and Premium users. Because Plus user status based on your purchase history, it’s possible you could see this status on an iOS device but not your Mac (or vice versa). It is a per-platform user status. Premium is a single subscription for all devices. 

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Why did you create Day One Sync?

We have three main reasons:

  1. Stability and reliability.  Dropbox and iCloud were never 100% successful for all of our users. On Dropbox we had continued challenges with duplicate entries appearing in journals. On iCloud, we had problems with data loss. With both services, when things went wrong, we were at the mercy of systems beyond our control that weren’t tailor-made for Day One data. Understandably, our technical requirements and product roadmap aren’t the same as either iCloud or Dropbox’s so we don’t expect them to change their services to meet our data’s needs. With our own service, we can quickly respond to changing needs and bugs that might arise.

  2. Platform expansion and new features. Shared journals, a web version, robust APIs, and more features are dependent upon our having our own backend and sync services. It’s been far more expensive for us to do this, but we felt it is worth the investment for the sake of future features and continuing to expand the Day One platform.

  3. Security. We’ve architected Day One Sync to securely store your data. In the future, we’ll be offering end-to-end encryption on top of our current server-side encryption.

Is my data secure and encrypted?

By default, Day One Sync encrypts the data “at rest” on our servers and securely transfers the data from our servers to the Day One app (the same level of security that Dropbox and iCloud provide). As of our 4.2 update, all new journals created are end-to-end encrypted by default. Our encryption features utilize the user’s private key to encrypt all entries before they reach the server. In short, the server will have no access to the user’s unencrypted data. 

Where can I learn more about end-to-end encryption? 

Check out our encryption FAQ.

What does it cost?

Day One Sync is included with Day One Premium. If you purchased Day One prior to our subscription launch on June 28th, 2017, you have free access to Day One Sync for the apps you purchased (Mac and iOS are separate purchases). 

Why can’t I use iCloud or Dropbox for sync anymore?

While not representative of all our users’ experiences, we had thousands of cases of data loss and duplication with iCloud and Dropbox. This was not acceptable to us, so we’ve built Day One Sync from the ground up to be tailored to Day One journal data.

It’s taken considerable effort and investment, but we believe it is the right thing to do for the growth and stability of the platform.

Does Day One back up to iCloud?

Yes, only on iOS. See this article to learn how: Backing up Day One data to iCloud

Does Day One backup to Google Drive?

Yes, only on Android. See this article for more information about backing up data in Day One Android.

Do you own my content?

No. See our privacy policy and terms of use for more details. If you want to clarify *anything* about these documents, contact us.

What happens if the Day One team disappears and I can’t sync anymore?

Two things:

  1. Their respective families would be really sad.

  2. Your data is stored locally on your device and you can export it in a variety of formats.

Are you trying to lock me into your platform?

No. Your data is yours. We don’t like being locked into platforms and we don’t want you to be either. Again, your data is yours. Export it any time you like and use it anywhere you want. As long as the Day One app and our services provide value to you, we are happy to serve you. When we no longer meet your needs, you can export your data at any time.

What’s the latest update on your progress?

To see the latest news, check out our blog

I’ve got other questions for you about Day One Sync. How do I contact you?

Click/tap here to ask more questions and give us feedback.

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