What happens if my Premium subscription expires or is canceled?

This article describes what happens if your subscription expires or if you choose not to renew.

We appreciate your support in subscribing to Day One Premium. Subscribing helps us continue to support Day One for years to come. We understand there are circumstances in which you may not wish to continue subscribing at a certain time.

Be assured that your data remains yours forever. You will always be able to access your entries, regardless of subscription. The data is stored locally on the device. See here for backup options available without needing Premium.

If your subscription expires and you do not renew, your account status will be set to the tier you had before subscribing. You will be limited to the features available in that tier. Please see the Pricing and Features Guide for details about the features included in each tier.

Only one journal is supported in the Basic tier. If you have multiple journals, you can access all content via the All Entries view, but not on an individual level.


Let our support team know if you have any additional questions.


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