Accessing the Settings in Day One for iOS

Accessing and changing preferences in the Settings of Day One iOS

There are many adjustments and options in the Settings of Day One.  You can do things like 

  • Sign in to a Day One account for syncing and online backups (Plus and Premium)
  • Adjust Appearance settings, including fonts
  • Access Book Printing
  • Add reminders
  • Enable Text Messaging (Premium only)
  • Set up Templates
  • Create a passcode
  • Import and Export data
  • Create or restore local backups
  • Connect Instagram (Premium only)
  • Access Email to Journal settings (Premium only)
  • Contact our support team

To access settings, tap the Settings gear icon at the top right.

Or open the Journal Drawer and select Settings at the bottom.


The Settings have many options to enhance your journaling experience!



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