Attaching PDFs and document scanning

How to add PDF files to entries and scanning documents in Day One.

Starting in version 4.3 on iOS and macOS, Day One supports importing PDF files to entries and scanning documents (iOS 13 or later). This is a Premium feature.

Similar to adding attaching Photos or Videos, PDF files can be added from the Attachment menu or by dragging in a file.

With Premium, each entry can support up to 30 media files total, including PDF, video, photo. Each PDF may be 250 MB or less.


Attaching PDFs

While editing an entry, tap the Paper Clip icon > Browse > navigate using the Files app to add a PDF to an entry.

After adding a PDF to an entry, users can tap the PDF to view all pages in the PDF. Tap the More button (•••) at the top right of the PDF to share or delete the file.

Document scanning

This option requires iOS 13 or later. While editing an entry, tap the Paper Clip icon > Scan. This will open the camera. Hold the camera still while the scanner automatically captures the document. Or you can tap the shutter button to capture manually and adjust the position of the scan. Scan multiple pages and tap Save when finished.


Users can drag in an PDF file directly into an entry. Alternatively, click the Paper Clip icon > PDF > then navigate to the desired location.

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