Browser Extension

Day One browser extensions for quick entries on the web

We’ve removed support for the Day One Chrome extension at this time. In the meantime we recommend using the Email to Journal feature to save content from the web to Day One.

Starting in Day One version 4.5 on Mac, the Safari Extension is back!

Open Safari > Preferences > Extensions to enable this feature.

Once enabled, the extension will appear in Safari. Click it to start an entry from the browser. It will include information about the website currently being viewed. If text is highlighted first in the browser, the text is included in the extension as a quote.

Tags can be added and different journals can be selected. Click the New Window icon at the top right  to pop out the editor in a separate window.

Tap Save to save the entry in Day One.

Journal from here, there, everywhere.

Download the Day One journal app for free on iPhone, Android, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch.

Journal from here there and everywhere mobile devices image.