How to enable and customize templates in Day One.

Templates are a great way to have recurring prompts for consistency journaling. There are curated template options and ways to create and customize your own. These can be used with Reminders or they can be called up independently at any time.


To start a new entry with a template, long-press the + icon at the bottom of the screen and choose Templates. Frequently used templates will appear at the top.


Choose an existing template or edit/create a new one. You can even edit the existing templates to fit your needs.


Templates can be edited from the Settings menu as well. Tap New Template to create your own. Use Add Section to insert headers. You can also use the Aa text formatting menu to add rich text options, checklists, bullets, etc.


While editing an existing entry, templates can be added by tapping the Paper Clip icon and tapping Templates.

Set a default template for journals in Settings > Journals > choose a journal > Advanced > Default Template.



Please go to Day One > Preferences > Templates to view, edit, or create templates.

Formatting templates on Mac can be done using Markdown to get headers and other rich text options.

Once created, you can access templates in the Paper Clip menu in an entry.


Set a default template for journals in Preferences > Journals > click the “i” next to the journal > Default Template.


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