Timeline view customization

How to customize the Timeline view with pinned entries and timeline sort order.

Day One offers a couple of options to customize the Timeline view. This help guide showcases the options to pin entries to the top of the Timeline and also options to sort the Timeline.

Pin Entries

This feature allows you to pin entries to the top of the Timeline, regardless of date. This is a great option to keep prominent posts at the top. This option is separate from the option to Favorite an entry, which has a separate function.


On iOS, swipe right to left on the desired entry and tap More > Pin. This same flow can also unpin entries from the top. A Long Press on an entry will also present an option to pin the entry.


Right-click (or Command+click) an entry in the Timeline and choose Edit > Pin.

Timeline Sort Order

This option allows the Timeline to be sorted based on the last edit date of the entries. Journals set to sort the timeline order based on last edit date will not have date icons in the Timeline view. This option is a great way to use Day One with additional functionality like a notebook, without specific dates for each entry. This can be set for individual journals, however the All Entries view cannot be sorted by last edit date.


Tap the More (•••) icon at the top right of the Timeline view and choose the sort order. This can also be set in Settings > Journals > tap the desired journal > Sort Order.


Right-click (or Command+click) a journal name on the sidebar and choose Sort by. Additionally, this can be set in Settings > Journals > click the i next to a journal > Sort Order.


Can I hide the dates in the Timeline view?

It is currently impossible to hide the dates in the Timeline view. The only times when the dates do not appear in the Timeline view are:

  • The entry is pinned.
  • The Timeline view for a journal is set to sort by Edit Date.

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