How I Journal: Keena Davis

In a world where stories often go untold, Keena Davis stands as a beacon of inspiration and resilience. Her journaling journey is not just about self-expression; it’s a compelling narrative that has the power to inspire us all.

Keena transforms the simple act of writing into a tool for change, empowerment, and personal growth. In this interview, we delve into the depths of Keena’s passion for journaling and explore how her written words serve as a window to her indomitable spirit.

The Beginnings: A Love for Stories

“I started journaling at the age of seven years old. I love the ideas of my stories about my childhood and other experiences written in books,” Keena shares.

Even before the age of smartphone apps, Keena had been keeping multiple journals. “I have kept multiple journals on & off for many years. Wayyyy before discovering the Day One journal app.”

The Importance of Journaling

For Keena, journaling serves multiple purposes. “Journaling is very important to me. Because it allows me to focus more on my thoughts. I can easily express myself naturally and release my true feelings,” she explains.

Moreover, it helps her strategize ways to make her life easier. Diagnosed seven years ago with Morquio type A, a rare genetic disorder, Keena faces challenges such as reduced mobility and the need for weekly infusions. Journaling has become a way for her to navigate these challenges.

Overcoming Obstacles

Keena writes about a wide array of topics: “I’m usually writing about my childhood memories, how I became disabled, relationships, family, friends, dealing with survival and how I have had to adjust with weekly infusions.” Each entry is an intimate look at her life, a life that she admits “hasn’t been easy for me based on the obstacles I had to overcome.”

Frequency and Breaks: The Rhythm of Journaling

Keena tends to journal frequently, often multiple times throughout her day. “From early in the morning to midday,” she states. But she also recognizes the importance of breaks, even though she admits, “I feel lost when I take breaks.”

Going Digital: The Role of Technology

Keena finds journaling on her phone particularly convenient. “Building a journaling habit on your phone is a convenient way of doing it more often. It’s always good traveling with you,” she notes.

Her favorite features of the Day One app include the daily writing prompts, journal templates for different kinds of entries, and the ability to attach photos to complement her words.

Insights Gained

Journaling has been instrumental in Keena’s personal growth. “I have come a long way. I have learned that my stories speak volumes. There’s inspiration behind each of them,” she says.

And her aspirations are clear: “Each of my stories holds inspiration. I want to be successful at doing exactly that, inspiring others.”

“Each of my stories holds inspiration. I want to be successful at doing exactly that, inspiring others.”

Keena’s Motto

Keena has a motto that embodies the essence of her journaling journey: “My motto is ‘If It Ain’t Real, It Ain’t Right.'” For Keena, writing is an extension of her identity, a vessel to carry her stories, aspirations, and the intricacies of her life to the world. “This is who I am, a writer,” she proudly declares.

Keena’s journey with journaling is a testament to the power of the written word in helping us navigate the complexities of life, no matter the challenges we face. As she embarks on her ongoing journey of self-discovery, survival, and inspiration, she remains forever for the gift that journaling has given her: a platform to be heard, understood, and hopefully, to inspire.

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