How I Journal: Nycole Rosen

When it comes to journaling, everyone has a unique approach that suits their life and their needs. Today, we’re diving into the journaling journey of Nycole Rosen, the Chief Information Officer of BGSF, a staffing and consulting firm based in Plano, Texas.

From physical scrapbooking to embracing digital platforms like Day One, Nycole opens up about the significance of documenting her experiences and emotions through journaling.

The Start of a Lifelong Habit

Nycole’s journaling journey began back in 1991. “I started journaling in 1991 and have kept a journal on and off over the years since then. It started with a new pretty book each year that I would fill up, and then I’d get a new one the next year,” she recalls.

Her enthusiasm for capturing memories didn’t stop at just writing; she became part of the scrapbooking craze in the 1990s. “I got very into the scrapbooking craze of the 1990’s and documented my adventures through pictures with fun layouts, stickers and text.” Eventually, she transitioned to digital journaling, importing all her physical journal entries into the Day One app.

Why Journaling Matters to Nycole

For Nycole, journaling serves as more than just a pastime—it’s a means of preserving memories and emotional well-being. “I have this fear that I’ll lose my memory—possibly from watching loved ones and friends experience memory loss,” Nycole admits. “Being a minimalist, I put my time and energy into experiences over things, and want to be able to remember all the fun things I’ve done throughout my life.”

Journaling is not only a memory vault for Nycole but also a form of therapy. “Journaling is also a way for me to work through problems by writing my thoughts—both rational and emotional, sort of my therapy,” she shares.

What Goes Inside Nycole’s Journal

When it comes to content, Nycole’s journal is a blend of daily activities and emotional check-ins. “I usually journal about day-to-day activity—what I did, where I went, who I was with, etc. However, if I’m feeling big ‘feelings,’ I’ll write about that—whether that’s happy, sad, anxious, frustrated, whatever.”

Beyond that, her journal occasionally features professional tidbits like screenshots of her work calendar or meeting notes. “It’s fun to look back on projects years later to remember the work that went into making things happen,” she adds.

Some of the impressive stats from Nycole’s journals

Journaling as a Morning Ritual

“I’m an early morning journaler—it’s when things are quiet and my mind is clear,” says Nycole. She tries to update her journal daily, although sometimes she catches up on weekends. She emphasizes the importance of flexibility, saying, “Whatever I do, I give myself grace and permission to journal however my mind needs me to that day—I don’t want it to become an added stressor or a chore.”

Nycole’s Tips for Aspiring Journalers

“Journal what’s important to you—not what is important to someone else,” advises Nycole. She encourages people to find a system and subject matter that they genuinely enjoy. “If it becomes a burden, you won’t keep up with it,” she warns.

Lessons Learned and the Way Forward

Through her journaling journey, Nycole has gained valuable insights. “I’ve learned that I live a pretty great life! I do fun things, I meet great people and have wonderful memories.”

She acknowledges the challenges she’s faced but values the progression and self-discovery her journaling journey has offered. “I’ve also learned that my journal is for me—nobody else. I’m not trying to write a top-selling book that anyone else cares about. Nope, this one’s all for me—and that feels a tiny bit self-indulgent, but I make no apologies.”

The Gift of Each Day

“At the end of this adventure of life, you can’t take anything with you. If I’m lucky enough to be able to look back on a lifetime of memories, I look forward to reading and re-reading my journals so I can relive all the memories, feelings, and challenges that I faced over the years,” Nycole reflects.

From scrapbooks of the ’90s to digital entries of today, her journaling journey serves as a window into the life she’s lived, cherished, and learned from. As she puts it, “Each day is a gift, and being able to relive them is the ultimate re-gift.”

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