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900 Days with David Geveke

In the peaceful suburbs of Philadelphia, retired chemical engineer David Geveke has cultivated a deep-seated bond with the art of journaling. From his initial venture into journaling, inspired by his wife’s experiences with the Day One app, to marking an incredible milestone of over 900 continuous journal entries, David’s journey serves as a testimony to the power of self-reflection and gratitude.

Maintaining a daily journal, David meticulously documents the contours of his life. Journaling is an integral part of his daily routine, providing not just recollection, but introspection.

How long have you been keeping a journal?

Nearly three years.

What makes journaling important to you? 

My wife began keeping a Day One journal in 2018 and it was enjoyable when she shared pleasurable memories of places we had gone or things we had done. This pleasant recollection of previous experiences and events prompted me to start journaling with Day One and it is still enjoyable. Another reason journaling is important is that it focuses me on the things I’m grateful for. Research has shown that gratitude and health are connected.

“Another reason journaling is important is that it focuses me on things I’m grateful for. Research has shown that gratitude and health are connected.”

What do you usually journal about?

I usually start journaling each day by using the Today feature which presents any photos I’ve taken or places I’ve been that day. In general, I try to include something I’m thankful for. Most days this is easy, but some days, my journal entries are short and concentrated on how I am feeling. Also, if I don’t have much to journal about myself, I will note what’s going on with family and friends.

When do you journal each day?

I almost exclusively journal in the evening before bedtime. That way, my day’s events are complete. As I mentioned before, I use the Today feature to jog my memory with photos, places, and events. I also routinely do a few other things. One is look at my GTD (or To Do) list to see what I’ve accomplished. Another memory helper is to review my internet history to see what interested me or what I purchased. Yet another prompt is to review text messages I’ve sent. Sometimes, I can just copy them and paste them directly into my journal.

What is your favorite thing about the Day One app?

My favorite thing about the Day One app is using the On This Day feature. It lists your journal entries on this day one, two, or more years ago. Looking through my past entries is one of my favorite parts of the day. It motivates me to continue adding entries so that, in the years to come, I will have more treasured memories to relive. And, as proof of the saying “what goes around comes around,” my wife, who inspired me to start journaling, loves it when I share my On This Day entries with her.

How has Day One helped you journal more consistently? 

As with any long term habit, you will stick better with it if the task is meaningful and easy. Day One is useful immediately as a gratitude journal for improving your health. And, the longer you use it, the more information is stored that will be helpful for recalling past events and experiences. This usefulness would not be enough to motivate you to journal every day if it was difficult. But, the magic of Day One is that journaling is made easy with features like Today and New Entry.

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