On This Day View

Day One’s On This Day feature is a great way to re-read entries and relive the moments you’ve captured. Quickly reminisce about where you’ve been, review photos you’ve taken, and read the entries you’ve written on a day over the years.


When you open Day One each day, you can see a notification at the top of the Timeline of entries you have On This Day in years past. Tap it to view these entries. On This Day includes entries from the current day as well.

If this notification is dismissed, On This Day entries can be accessed by going to the Journal Drawer and choosing On This Day.

You can access entries from any date as well using the Calendar view and the new Today view. Long-press any date in the Calendar to see options for On This Day.

Tap any date in Calendar to open the Today view. On This Day is at the bottom of the Today view.

On This Day notifications can be adjusted in Day One > Settings > On This Day. Specific journals can be enabled/disabled here. The reminder time can be selected. The timeline notification can be enabled/disabled.


There is a new On This Day option in the Journal pane on Mac. Click this when you have entries here to view them in the right pane.

And On This Day can be accessed by Filter as well.


To access On This Day from your Android device in two ways, either from the Sidebar button or the More button. Read more about On This Day for Android.

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