The Way I Journal: Gilles Vautier

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Gilles Vautier. I am a professional photographer and I am french. I am (a little) bit famous for my work: Be Myself, people will love you.

When and why did you start journaling?

I started journaling in 2012. My first entry was written after a circus show. I included a nice photo – according to me – and just wrote : this is my first journal entry. I will try to daily put a photo with a text.

What is your journaling routine?

I am not the kind of guy who’s daily writing his journal. I don’t have the time. Or a story to tell. Sometimes, when a beautiful thing happens, I appreciate to write it down. To remember. But… When I’m abroad, and it happens a lot, Day one is the tool I need. Several times a day, I like to write entries. Where I was, people I met, places I have discovered… I can add a nice photo with my iPhone. Or, and it’s even better, I can later add a beautiful photo with an export tool from Lightroom directly to Day One. This way, I will remember. Very convenient when I feel blue or when I miss sun.

Do you focus on long-form writing, or in capturing small memories of life?

If I have something to develop, I’d rather write it on my blog ( On the other hand, most of my travel blogs articles are inspired from my Day One articles.

Do you have a favorite spot where you like to journal?

No. Everywhere. With my iPhone.

What was your first entry in Day One?

How many entries do you have in your journal?


What is your favorite or most-used feature in Day One?

I really do appreciate to see the daily notifications about what happened one year ago, two years and so on… Today, it happens to (re) discover souvenirs from five years ago !

Do you write mostly on the iPhone, iPad, or the Mac?

Mostly my iPhone. And sometimes with my iMac to export beautiful pictures from Lightroom to Day One.

Do you follow any journal organization rules?

No. When I want to write.

Have you ever relied on Day One for something unexpected, or used it to recall details about a specific event or date?

No, not really. Day one has a feature I particularly appreciate. With my Apple Watch, I can instantaneously create an entry. This way, it will automatically record the place I am in. Later, I will write and insert pictures. Et voilà.

Thanks Gilles. You can see more of his photography at

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