"Entry is too large" error

"Entry is too large error" in Day One

When syncing data, you may get an “Entry is too large” error.

Follow these steps to resolve this issue:

  1. Find the entry ID in the error. (In the above example, *3160486D4FCB4DC4824A4024AB03BC33* is the entry ID.)

  2. Append the entry ID to the end of this URL: dayone://edit?entryId= (Again, using the above example, the final URL would be dayone://edit?entryId=3160486D4FCB4DC4824A4024AB03BC33.)

  3. Paste this URL in Safari, then push the Return key (Mac) or tap the Go button (iOS) on your keyboard.

  4. After your entry is opened in Day One, make your entry smaller by breaking it into two entries (or more, depending upon the size of the original entry).

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