Getting a new encryption key

Right now we do not have a way to change encryption keys within the app. We will be adding this in a future update. The following steps will allow users to obtain a new key via a new Day One account. Please follow the steps carefully. Please contact support if you have any questions about this process.

  1. Export all data as a JSON file. (This is a precaution and may not be needed)
  2. Upload that JSON file to iCloud Drive or Dropbox
  3. Sign out of Sync in the Day One app on all devices. Sign In/Sign Out. Journal entries will remain in the app locally.
  4. Close the app and leave closed until directed to re-open later in these steps. Do not uninstall Day One.
  5. Sign in to in a web browser. There are more than one way to sign into an account. Be sure to use the option associated with your account.
  6. Scroll down and click Delete Account
  7. Open Day One on the primary device.
  8. Go to Day One > Settings > Sign In. Choose an option to create a new account or create a new account at
  9. Sign in to Day One Sync on all devices using the option chosen in step 8. Sign In/Sign Out
  10. You may need to restore purchases if the appropriate account status is not reflected automatically.
  11. Data will begin syncing and you can locate the encryption key in Day One > Settings > Sync > Show Encryption Key (iOS) and Day One > Preferences > Journals > Show Encryption Key (macOS).
  12. Please save the key in a secure location.

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