Resetting the app-locking passcode for Day One

How to reset the password for Day One on macOS, iOS, or Android

Access to Day One can be protected with an app-locking password. Keep in mind, this password does not sync between devices. It can be a different password for each device. 


The app-locking password for Day One on Mac is securely stored in the Keychain Access app.

  1. Quit Day One

  2. Open Keychain Access*.

  3. Search for “day one”.

  4. Control-click (or right-click) Day One App Locking Password to reveal a contextual menu.

  5. Select Delete “Day One App Locking Password”.

  6. Return to Day One to open it without your previously-set password.

*Keychain Access can be found by searching Spotlight or going to Finder > Applications > Utilities > Keychain Access


There are 3 possible options to reset the app-locking passcode on iOS.

  1. The easiest solution is to try and remember the passcode. Maybe spend a while guessing possible combinations.

  2. If you have Touch ID/Face ID or an Android fingerprint enabled for Day One but can’t remember the passcode, here are the steps to remove the passcode: 

    • Go to Day One > Settings > Passcode & Biometrics

    • Turn off the Passcode.

    • When the numberpad comes up, tap the Touch ID/Face ID icon in the bottom left corner.

    • Enter your fingerprint or use Face ID. The passcode will now be reset.

  3. The last solution only works if you are certain that your data has been synced to Day One Sync and you have a copy of the Encryption Key. Verify data is synced by signing in to the Web App in a web browser and clicking “All Entries”. If that’s the case, you can delete the app from the device and re-install it. Once reinstalled, sign into your account in the settings.  

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