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Pregnancy Journal: 60+ Ideas and Prompts

Document your journey through pregnancy with these inspiring pregnancy journal ideas and prompts.

Keeping a pregnancy journal can be a meaningful way to document and navigate the journey through pregnancy. By documenting significant moments, physical changes, and emotional reflections, patterns can be identified, progress can be tracked over time, and a special memento of the time can be created. Whether you want to capture memories, bond with the baby, or simply have a record of the transformative time of pregnancy, a pregnancy journal can be an invaluable tool for embracing the journey and cherishing the experience.

In this post, we’ll explore the benefits of keeping a pregnancy journal, ideas and inspiration for pregnancy journal content, and prompts for reflection. Whether you are a first-time mother or navigating subsequent pregnancies, this resource is designed to assist in making the most out of a pregnancy journal, capturing memories, and nurturing your well-being.

What is a Pregnancy Journal?

A pregnancy journal is a personal record or diary that documents experiences, thoughts, and emotions throughout the course of pregnancy. Keeping a pregnancy journal is a meaningful and rewarding way to capture and cherish the many memories, emotions, and experiences that come with pregnancy, along with serving as a safe place to process the challenges, fears, and uncertainties that often arise during pregnancy.

Keeping a pregnancy journal can be a way to find solace, gain clarity, and tap into inner strength. A pregnancy journal becomes a trusted confidant and a source of comfort, offering a space to embrace both the joys and the difficulties that pregnancy brings. Through the act of journaling, expectant mothers can cultivate resilience, find empowerment, and discover a deeper understanding of themselves as they navigate pregnancy.

A pregnancy journal can be kept in many formats, from pre-designed templates with prompts and sections already outlined, or they can be completely blank, providing freedom for individual expression. They can be purchased as physical books or kept digitally through online platforms or journal apps like Day One.

While pre-designed templates offer structure and ease, especially for first-time journal keepers, a blank journal offers a canvas for boundless creativity and free-form expression. Similarly, while physical journals create tangible keepsakes, digital versions offer convenience, accessibility, and unique multimedia options.

From tracking your baby’s development to jotting down your hopes and dreams for your little one, the method you choose ultimately depends on your personal preference and lifestyle. So whether you choose a beautifully bound book to fill with handwritten entries, or an easily accessible digital platform that allows you to attach photos and voice notes, remember, it’s the memories and daily reflections that you are storing that truly matter.

A pregnant woman takes a photo for a pregnancy journal

Why Keep a Pregnancy Journal?

Keeping a pregnancy journal can offer several benefits. Here are a few reasons to keep a pregnancy journal:

Emotional Benefits

Keeping a pregnancy journal offers numerous emotional benefits. As a safe and private space for personal reflection and expression, a pregnancy journal can help with navigating the emotional ups and downs of pregnancy. Journaling about thoughts, fears, hopes, and joys can help foster self-awareness and emotional well-being. Journaling serves as an outlet to release stress, process emotions, and gain a sense of control, especially during pregnancy. The act of journaling can bring a sense of comfort, reassurance, and clarity, promoting a positive and nurturing mindset throughout the journey of pregnancy.

Physical Tracking

A pregnancy journal can serve as a reliable tool for monitoring and tracking various aspects of physical well-being during pregnancy. Keeping a record and tracking symptoms, such as morning sickness, fatigue, or cravings, can help identify patterns and seek appropriate remedies or support. Additionally, a pregnancy journal enables the monitoring of weight gain, measurements, and changes in body shape, providing a comprehensive picture of the physical transformations occurring throughout pregnancy. It can also serve as a means to document dietary habits, exercise routines, and any recommendations from healthcare providers, facilitating a holistic approach to prenatal care. By actively tracking and recording these physical aspects, expectant mothers can gain insights into their health, make informed decisions, and ensure they receive the necessary support and care throughout their pregnancy journey.

Memory Preservation

Keeping a pregnancy journal offers invaluable benefits in terms of memory preservation. By noting special moments, milestones, and significant events, a detailed and vivid record of the experience of pregnancy can be documented. From the first positive pregnancy test to feeling the baby’s first kicks, every noteworthy memory finds its place within the pages of the journal. Whether it’s revisiting ultrasound pictures or reminiscing about the joys and challenges of pregnancy, a pregnancy journal becomes a record of all the memories and emotions associated with a pregnacy.

Connection with Baby

Pregnancy is often a time of anticipation, filled with excitement and wonder. Keeping a pregnancy journal can be a way for expectant mothers to not only document their journey but also establish a profound and meaningful bond with their baby even before birth. The act of writing in a pregnancy journal allows mothers to express their innermost thoughts, hopes, and dreams directly to their unborn child. A pregnancy journal can be used as a personal platform for sharing heartfelt letters or messages, nurturing a sense of intimacy and closeness. Through the pages of the journal, mother and baby begin to form a unique connection, setting the stage for a lifetime of love and understanding.

Stress Reduction

Pregnancy can also be a challenging and overwhelming time, accompanied by various physical and emotional changes. Keeping a pregnancy journal can offer significant stress reduction benefits by serving as a therapeutic outlet for expectant mothers to release tension, anxiety, and worries. Journaling provides a safe and private space to express and process emotions, fears, and uncertainties, some of which may be difficult to share with others. By putting these thoughts and concerns on paper, mothers can gain a sense of relief and clarity, alleviating the burden they may carry. A pregnancy journal serves as a non-judgmental companion, allowing mothers to reflect on their experiences and find solace amidst the uncertainties of pregnancy. As a valuable tool for self-care and emotional resilience, a pregnancy journal can promote a sense of calm and empowerment.

Better Communication with Prenatal Health Professionals

By maintaining a detailed record of experiences, symptoms, and questions, expectant mothers can effectively communicate with healthcare providers during prenatal visits. A pregnancy journal can serve as a valuable reference, ensuring that no important information or concerns are overlooked or forgotten. A pregnancy journal can be used t track changes in physical well-being, note any unusual symptoms, or document specific areas of discomfort. This comprehensive documentation helps healthcare professionals gain a deeper understanding of the mother’s unique pregnancy journey and tailor their care accordingly. Additionally, the journal allows mothers to jot down recommendations, advice, and instructions received during appointments, ensuring that they have a clear record to refer back to. This promotes better continuity of care and empowers mothers to actively participate in their own prenatal health.

30+ Pregnancy Journal Ideas

Embarking on the journey of motherhood provides countless moments to capture, thoughts to ponder, and feelings to express. Keeping a pregnancy journal can be a therapeutic and rewarding way to record these special experiences. From recording milestones, changing emotions, or the unique experiences that each trimester brings, these pregnancy journal ideas and prompts are designed to help capture every important moment of a pregnancy.

Each of these pregnancy journal ideas can be used to jumpstart a new entry or shape your weekly journaling routine, ensuring that every aspect of your unique journey is captured and treasured. Use them as a source of inspiration to delve deeper into your thoughts and experiences, creating a beautiful narrative of your transformation into motherhood.

1. Embracing Change: Your Weekly Body Transformation in Photos

One of the simplest ways to keep a pregnancy journal is to embrace change by capturing your weekly body transformation through photos. Each week, take a moment to stand in front of a mirror or find a comfortable spot to document the subtle and not-so-subtle changes happening to your body. Snap a picture and save it with the corresponding week of your pregnancy. These visual records will not only serve as a cherished keepsake but also allow you to marvel at the incredible journey your body is undergoing. It’s an empowering way to celebrate the beauty of pregnancy and create a tangible timeline of your transformation.

A person looks in the mirror while taking a photo to document in a weekly pregnancy journal

2. The Life-Changing Moment: Discovering You Were Pregnant

The journey of pregnancy begins with a single, life-altering moment—the discovery that you are pregnant. It’s a moment filled with a whirlwind of emotions, from joy and excitement to surprise and perhaps even a hint of nervousness. The realization may come at different times and in various ways, but the impact is universally profound. Whether it was a long-awaited plan or an unexpected surprise, this pivotal moment marks the beginning of a transformative chapter in your life. Document the scene in your pregnancy journal: the time of day, the place where you were when you found out, and the flood of thoughts and emotions that engulfed you. In your pregnancy journal, delve into all the intricate details, capturing the essence of that life-changing moment and preserving it as a cherished memory in the story of your pregnancy.

3. The First Ultrasound: Capturing Thoughts and Emotions

The first ultrasound during pregnancy is a moment of anticipation and wonder. It’s an opportunity to catch a glimpse of the tiny life growing within you and to hear their precious heartbeat for the very first time. In this pregnancy journal idea, we invite you to document your thoughts and emotions as you experience this transformative milestone. In your pregnancy journal, reflect on the mixture of excitement and nervousness you felt in the waiting room, the sound of the ultrasound machine humming to life, and the image of your baby appearing on the screen like a precious treasure. Jot down the emotions that overwhelmed you—the awe, the love, and the connection that surged through your heart. Share your thoughts on how this first glimpse of your baby impacted your perception of motherhood and deepened the bond you share. This entry in your pregnancy journal will serve as a reminder of the experience of the first ultrasound, capturing a pivotal moment in your journey toward meeting your little one.

An ultrasound photo used in a pregnancy journal

4. Sharing the News with Family and Friends

One of the most exhilarating moments in pregnancy is the joyous act of sharing the news with loved ones and friends. For this pregnancy journal idea, document the excitement, creativity, and heartfelt reactions that accompanied the announcement of your pregnancy. Reflect on the unique ways you chose to reveal the news, whether it was through a surprise announcement, a heartfelt conversation, or a creatively themed event. Write about the emotions that welled up within you as you saw the smiles, tears, and expressions of joy on the faces of your loved ones. Capture the cherished memories of their reactions, the hugs, and the words of congratulations that enveloped you with warmth and love.

5. Compare Baby’s Size with Things From Nature

As your little one grows and develops inside the womb, it can be fascinating to track their progress by comparing their size to familiar objects from nature. For this pregnancy journal idea, each week presents an opportunity to marvel at the wonder of life as you compare your baby’s size to various fruits or vegetables. From the tiny seed-like beginnings, imagine your baby as a strawberry, a lemon, or even a pumpkin. This delightful practice not only adds a touch of whimsy to your pregnancy journey but also provides a tangible sense of scale, allowing you to better grasp the growth milestones taking place within. With each passing week, document these comparisons and savor the realization of how your little one is blossoming from a tiny seed to a vibrant presence, symbolizing the miracle of life itself.

6. Magical Milestone: Baby’s First Kick

One of the most interesting moments in pregnancy is feeling your baby’s first kick—an exhilarating sign of life and connection. For this pregnancy journal idea, celebrate this magical milestone by capturing the details surrounding the event. Recall the precise moment when you first felt those fluttering movements, whether it was a gentle tickle or a pronounced thump. Describe the time and place, the sensations coursing through your body, and the flood of emotions that accompanied this awe-inspiring experience. Share your thoughts on how it made you feel—overwhelmed with joy, reassured of your baby’s well-being, or perhaps even a bit surprised.

7. Cravings Unveiled: Exploring Pregnancy Dietary Habits

Pregnancy is known for bringing about remarkable changes, not only in your body but also in your taste buds and dietary preferences. In your pregnancy journal, document your cravings and explore the fascinating realm of pregnancy dietary habits. Dive into the specifics of your unique cravings—those peculiar combinations of food that suddenly become irresistible, or the sudden aversions that leave you turning away from once-beloved dishes. Reflect on the moments when you found solace in certain foods or discovered surprising new favorites. Capture the memories of late-night cravings and the comical, offbeat concoctions that satisfied your appetite. Additionally, delve into how your overall dietary habits have evolved throughout your pregnancy—whether you embraced healthier choices, encountered challenges, or experienced any specific nutritional changes.

Documenting pregnancy cravings in a pregnancy journal

8. Predict Baby’s Future Personality and Appearance

As you eagerly await the arrival of your little one, thoughts of what they might be like and how they will look fill your imagination. For this idea, embark on the delightful journey of predicting your baby’s future—both in terms of personality and appearance. Reflect on your own traits and those of your partner, and ponder how they might manifest in your child. Consider family resemblances, physical features, and the exciting possibilities of genetic inheritance. Let your imagination run wild as you speculate about their potential interests, talents, and quirks. Share your thoughts on the qualities you hope they will inherit and the unique blend of characteristics that might shape their individuality.

9. The Baby Name List

Choosing a name for your little one is an exciting and meaningful part of the pregnancy journey. For this pregnancy journal idea, create a list of potential options and explore the reasons behind each choice. Reflect on the significance of names—whether they honor cherished family members, carry cultural or historical significance, or simply resonate with their beautiful sound. Write about the names that hold a special place in your heart and the stories behind them. Consider the meanings, origins, and unique qualities of each name. Share your thoughts on how they might reflect your hopes, dreams, and aspirations for your child.

10. Nesting Chronicles: Preparing the Nursery

Transforming a space into a cozy haven for your little one is an exciting part of the pregnancy journey. In this pregnancy journal idea, embark on the nesting chronicles as you document the process of preparing the nursery. Capture the themes, colors, and special items you’ve chosen to create a nurturing environment for your baby. Share your thoughts on the inspirations behind your design choices and the emotions that arise as you imagine your little one growing and thriving in this space. Write about the moments of anticipation and joy as you assemble furniture, arrange adorable decor, and envision the precious moments that will soon take place in the nursery.

11. Prenatal Visits and Expert Advice

Throughout your pregnancy, prenatal visits play a crucial role in ensuring the well-being of both you and your growing baby. These visits offer an opportunity to receive invaluable guidance and support from healthcare professionals who specialize in nurturing the journey of pregnancy. For this pregnancy journal idea, record the insights shared by your healthcare providers, the milestones and measurements discussed, and any recommendations for maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Reflect on the conversations that left a lasting impression and note down the questions that arise along the way. By capturing the highlights of your prenatal visits, you not only build a comprehensive resource for yourself but also create a beautiful record of the care and attention invested in nurturing your journey to motherhood.

12. A Letter from Your Partner to Baby

Invite your partner to share their deepest emotions and hopes by writing a letter to your unborn baby. Encourage them to express their love, dreams, and anticipation as they prepare to embark on this incredible journey of parenthood. Their letter can capture the excitement, the sense of responsibility, and the bond they already feel with your little one. This letter can serve as a treasured keepsake, capturing a snapshot of their emotions and providing a heartfelt message that your child can cherish for years to come.

13. A Pregnancy Mood Board

In this creative pregnancy journal idea, create a visual collage of colors, images, and inspirations that reflect your pregnancy journey and your hopes for your baby’s future. This mood board can include hues that resonate with you, images that evoke a sense of joy, serenity, or even humor, and symbols of the dreams you have for your little one. Select pictures, quotes, and objects that capture the essence of this transformative time in your life. Arrange them in a collage or create a digital mood board.

A person writes in their pregnancy journal

14. Explore Your Pregnancy Dreams

Pregnancy can bring a world of fascinating dreams that often carry deep meaning and emotional resonance. For this pregnancy journal idea, explore and document your dreams. As you experience these vivid and sometimes whimsical dreams, record them in your journal, capturing the emotions, symbols, and narratives they entail. Reflect on the possible significance of these dreams and how they may reflect your subconscious thoughts, fears, or desires. Share the recurring themes, the magical moments, and the emotions they evoke.

15. Preparations Before Arrival: The Ultimate To-Do List

As your due date approaches, there are numerous preparations to be made before your little one arrives. In this practical pregnancy journal idea, create the ultimate to-do list to ensure a smooth transition into parenthood. Document the essential tasks and arrangements you need to complete, from setting up appointments with healthcare providers to researching and purchasing essential baby gear, each item on the list represents a significant step in your journey toward parenthood. Document the tasks, deadlines, and any specific details or considerations that need to be addressed. As you check off each item, you can experience a sense of accomplishment and feel confident that you are well-prepared for your baby’s arrival.

16. Celebrating New Life: The Baby Shower

A baby shower is a joyous celebration, a gathering of loved ones who come together to honor and celebrate the imminent arrival of your little one. Fort this pregnancy journal idea, capture the special moments and memories from your baby shower. Reflect on the guests who attended, the decorations that adorned the venue, and the heartfelt wishes and gifts bestowed upon you and your baby. Share your feelings of gratitude, happiness, and the overwhelming sense of love that enveloped the event. Write about the laughter, the games, and the heartfelt conversations that made the baby shower an unforgettable experience.

17. Wisdom Shared: Treasured Parenting Advice

Throughout your pregnancy journey, you are likely to receive a wealth of advice and wisdom from family, friends, and experienced parents. In your pregnancy journal, embrace the opportunity to capture and reflect upon the treasured parenting advice you receive. Jot down the insights, tips, and words of wisdom that resonate with you. Reflect on how this guidance impacts your perspective and helps shape your approach to parenthood. Share the stories of the individuals who shared their wisdom and the special moments of connection that arose from these conversations.

18. The Birth Plan: Thoughts and Considerations

Crafting a birth plan is an important part of preparing for the arrival of your baby. Take the time to reflect on your birth plan and explore the thoughts and considerations behind it. Write about your preferences for labor and delivery, your desired birthing environment, and any specific requests or concerns you have. Reflect on the emotions and expectations surrounding your birth plan, as well as any changes or adjustments that may have occurred along the way. Consider the support team you have chosen, the pain management options you are considering, and your hopes for the birthing experience. Use your pregnancy journal as a space to document these reflections, offering a valuable resource for discussion with your healthcare provider and a reminder of the choices and preferences you have made as you prepare to welcome your little one into the world.

19. Tell Your Love Story: Journey from Meeting to Parenthood

Your journey to parenthood is not only about the anticipation of a new arrival but also about the story that brought you and your partner together. In your pregnancy journal, take a moment to reflect on your love story—the moments, memories, and milestones that have shaped your relationship. From the first meeting to the shared dreams of becoming parents, document the special moments and emotions that have woven your unique bond. Share the details of your journey, including the challenges and triumphs you have faced together. Let these pages in your pregnancy journal be a celebration of your love and the foundation upon which your family is built.

20. Tiny Movements, Profound Connection: Unraveling Baby’s Patterns

Let your pregnancy journal be a place to explore the extraordinary connection between you and your growing baby through the captivating experience of their movements. Reflect on the tiny, fluttering sensations that gradually transition into unmistakable kicks and rolls. Write about the moments when you first noticed these movements and the emotions they stirred within you. Reflect on the patterns and rhythms you begin to recognize, the times of day when your baby is most active, and the special bond these movements foster between you and your little one. Share the thoughts and feelings that arise as you unravel the patterns of their movements and ponder the miraculous journey of life unfolding within you.

21. Growing Together with Siblings and Pets

Welcoming a new addition to your family is an exciting time for not just you but also your existing children and beloved pets. For this pregnancy journal idea, explore the dynamics and interactions between your growing bump and the siblings or pets in your household. Reflect on the reactions, curiosity, and love expressed by your children or furry friends as they embrace the imminent arrival of their new sibling. Document the heartwarming moments of connection, the playful interactions, and the tender gestures they display towards your growing bump. Share your thoughts on the bond that is forming and how it is evolving throughout your pregnancy.

22. Melodies of Motherhood: The Music That Filled Our Journey

Music has the power to evoke emotions and create lasting memories. Reflect on the melodies that have filled your journey to motherhood. Share the songs and musical compositions that have held special significance for you during this time. Write about the moments when certain songs played in the background, bringing comfort, joy, or a sense of connection with your baby. Reflect on how music has affected your mood, provided solace during challenging times, or created a soundtrack to your pregnancy experience.

23. Capturing the Glow: Pregnancy Portraits That Tell a Story

In this pregnancy journal idea, embrace the opportunity to capture the essence of your journey through your formal pregnancy portraits. Reflect on the moments when you posed before the camera, capturing the glow and the anticipation that radiated from within. Share the stories behind the portraits—the emotions, thoughts, and dreams that filled those moments. Reflect on how each image tells a unique story of your pregnancy experience, showcasing the strength, beauty, and love that blossomed during this transformative time.

24. Self-Care Rituals: How You Nurtured Body and Soul During Pregnancy

Your pregnancy journal can serve as a place to explore the self-care rituals that help nurture your body and soul during this transformative journey. Reflect on the self-care practices, relaxation techniques, or daily rituals that bring you peace and calmness amidst the whirlwind of emotions. Write about the moments of quiet reflection, the soothing baths, or the mindful exercises that allow you to connect with your changing body and the miracle of life within. Share the thoughts and emotions that arise during these moments of self-care, and the ways in which they positively impact your overall well-being.

25. Love at First Purchase: Buying Baby’s First Item

The excitement of expecting a baby often leads to the joyous moment of buying their first item. For this pregnancy journal idea, reflect on the emotions that washed over you as you made that special purchase. Share the story behind the chosen item—whether it was a tiny onesie, a cuddly stuffed animal, or a precious keepsake. Write about the anticipation and love that filled your heart as you imagined your little one using or wearing this item. Reflect on how it marked the tangible presence of your baby in your life and how it deepened your connection with them.

26. Grandparents’ Love and Excitement

The role of grandparents is often cherished and invaluable in a child’s life. For this pregnancy journal idea, explore the profound love and impact of grandparents as you reflect on their role in your child’s life. Write about the emotions and memories associated with the grandparents-to-be. Share stories of their excitement, support, and wisdom as they eagerly await the arrival of their grandchild. Reflect on the ways in which they have shown their love and support throughout your pregnancy journey. Consider the special traditions, family values, or lessons they may pass on to your child, and how these will shape their future.

27. Pre-Birth Rituals and Festivities

Different cultures have their own unique traditions and rituals surrounding pregnancy and childbirth. In this pregnancy journal idea, celebrate and explore the cultural celebrations and pre-birth rituals that hold significance for you and your heritage. Reflect on the customs, ceremonies, or festivities that have been passed down through generations. Write about the rituals you have embraced or plan to embrace during your pregnancy journey.

28. Books, Movies, and Songs for Our Child

Reflect on the books, movies, and songs that hold special significance in your culture and that you want to introduce to your child. Write about the stories, values, and lessons these cultural treasures convey. Share your thoughts on the impact they have had on your life and how you hope they will shape your child’s understanding of their heritage.

29. A Letter to My Little One

In this heartfelt pregnancy journal idea, write a letter directly addressed to your little one. Pour out your emotions, hopes, and dreams onto the pages as you express your unconditional love. Share your excitement about their impending arrival and the joy they have already brought into your life. Write about the special moments and experiences you are looking forward to sharing with them. Reflect on the lessons you hope to impart, the values you want to instill, and the unconditional support you vow to provide. This letter in your pregnancy journal will serve as a tangible expression of the profound love you have for your child, capturing the raw emotions and unbreakable bond that is already forming between you.

30. Countdown to Joy: Navigating the Final Weeks

As your due date approaches, the final weeks of pregnancy are filled with a mix of emotions and preparations. In your pregnancy journal, navigate this exciting countdown and reflect on the thoughts and experiences that fill these precious weeks. Write about the anticipation, the excitement, and even the nervousness you experience as you approach the culmination of your pregnancy journey. Document the preparations you make, from packing your hospital bag to finalizing arrangements for the birthing experience. Share the moments of reflection and the emotions that arise as you eagerly await the arrival of your little one.

31. A Letter to My Future Self: Reflections After Birth

For this introspective pregnancy journal idea, write a letter to your future self to be read after the birth of your baby. Reflect on the changes you anticipate in yourself, your relationships, and your priorities. Share your hopes and aspirations for how you will navigate the beautiful and challenging journey of parenthood. Write about the emotions and lessons you expect to learn as you embrace this new chapter in your life. This letter will serve as a powerful reminder of your expectations and intentions, offering insight and guidance as you navigate the joys and uncertainties of postpartum life.

30 Pregnancy Journal Prompts

Journal prompts are questions or topics designed to guide you into introspection and reflection, helping you to delve deeper into your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Particularly during pregnancy, a time of significant change and anticipation, these prompts can provide a valuable structure to help you articulate and document your journey. They allow you to capture your fears, hopes, dreams, and the transformational moments that might otherwise be forgotten over time.

These pregnancy journal prompts are not just about recording the physical aspects of pregnancy, but they also focus on the emotional and psychological shifts that occur. They can serve as therapeutic tools to navigate any uncertainties or challenges, and act as a medium to communicate directly with your unborn child, strengthening that precious bond. In essence, journal prompts are instrumental in creating a meaningful narrative of your unique path to motherhood.

  1. Right now, how do I feel about becoming a mother?
  2. What worries or fears do I have about pregnancy or parenthood?
  3. What am I most excited about during this journey?
  4. What pregnancy symptoms have I been experiencing?
  5. What were the reactions of my partner, family, and friends when they learned the news?
  6. What was it like to hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time?
  7. How has my relationship with my partner changed during pregnancy?
  8. How do I imagine my life after the baby is born?
  9. What kind of parent do I want to be?
  10. How have my priorities shifted since becoming pregnant?
  11. What traditions do I want to start with my family?
  12. Who has been most supportive during my pregnancy and in what ways?
  13. What things do I hope to teach my child as they grow up?
  14. What are my thoughts on balancing career and motherhood?
  15. How have I been practicing self-care during pregnancy?
  16. What has been the most surprising change in my body during pregnancy?
  17. If I could tell my child one thing that would stay with them forever, what would it be?
  18. What is the best part of being pregnant so far?
  19. What is the most challenging part of being pregnant so far?
  20. What lessons have I learned from my parents that I want to pass on?
  21. How do I feel about the upcoming labor and delivery?
  22. What was the most surprising thing I’ve learned about pregnancy?
  23. What am I most curious about regarding my baby?
  24. What have been the unexpected joys of being pregnant?
  25. What have been some unexpected challenges I’ve experienced during my pregnancy?
  26. How has pregnancy changed my view on motherhood?
  27. What kind of world do I hope my child will grow up in?
  28. What am I learning about myself through the journey of pregnancy?
  29. What are the top five things I want my child to know about me?
  30. What are the key values I want to instill in my child, and why are these important to me?

How to Use Day One as a Pregnancy Journal App

Using a journal app can be a convenient way to keep a pregnancy journal. Rather than using paper or a physical notebook, you document your pregnancy on your mobile device through text, photos, videos, audio recordings, and more. You can download Day One here for your iOS, Macbook, or Android device.

Here’s how simple it is to use Day One as a pregnancy journal app:

1. Create a separate journal for your pregnancy.

Day One allows you to create separate journals (a Premium feature). Having a separate journal for your pregnancy journal allows you to keep your journal entries separate from your primary journal, or journals you keep for other purposes, like your gratitude journal, mood journal, or dream journal.

An example of how to create a pregnancy journal

2. Document your pregnancy with new journal entries.

Each day or week of your pregnancy, document your pregnancy journey. Include photos, videos, checklists, or any other info that represents how you want to record your pregnancy. Or you can even use this set of pregnancy journal journal prompts to get started.

An example pregnancy journal entry

3. Set up daily or weekly reminders to write.

Day One includes helpful journaling reminders that you can customize to help you remember to write. You can set these reminders up to repeat at the start of each new week of your pregnancy, or daily at a specific time.

How to set up pregnancy journal reminders

4. Consider printing your pregnancy journal.

If one of the goals of keeping a pregnancy journal is to have a keepsake, plan to print your pregnancy journal with Day One’s book printing feature. This turns your Day One journal into a beautiful, hardcover or paper back book that you can cherish for years to come.

Wrapping Up: Documenting Your Journey Through a Pregnancy Journal

A pregnancy journal can be a meaningful way to capture and preserve the remarkable moments, emotions, and experiences that unfold during this transformative time. From the first fluttering kicks to the heartfelt letters penned to your little one, each entry becomes a cherished piece of your unique story. Whether you choose to follow the prompts provided or explore your own creative expressions, the act of journaling allows you to reflect, celebrate, and connect with the profound journey of motherhood. So pick up your pen, open your heart, and let the words flow onto the pages of your pregnancy journal. May it serve as a cherished keepsake, a source of self-discovery, and a reminder of the incredible strength, love, and joy that reside within you. Happy journaling!

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