Gift Certificate FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions for Day One gift certificates for Premium membership.

You can use Day One gift certificates to pay for a Day One Premium membership to give as a gift to friends, family or others.

Purchase a gift

Redeem a gift online by signing in to your account.


1. Where can I purchase a Day One gift certificate?

Day One gift certificates can be purchased online here. You will receive a PDF to your own email which you can then forward to the recipient. 

2. How do I redeem my gift certificate?

Day One gift certificates can be redeemed online here. You will sign into your Day One account or create a new account. Then enter the redemption code to apply Premium to your account for 1 year. 

3. Does my gift certificate expire?

No. Day One gift certificates do not expire.

4. What happens when my gift membership ends?

Gift memberships are one-time orders and will not automatically renew. Once the gift ends, you can subscribe if you’d like to continue using Day One’s premium features. If you choose not to subscribe, your membership will be downgraded to Basic. As a Basic user, you will still be able to access (and export) all of your past journal entries and content. However, you will need to re-join Premium in order to continue using premium features. See the pricing guide for more details. 

Please note: Gift memberships cannot be cancelled and are non-refundable once they have been redeemed.

5. Why can’t I redeem my gift certificate?

If you are unable to redeem a Day One gift certificate, you should see one of the following error messages:

“Sorry, that code isn’t valid.”

If you see a message that the code you entered is not valid, try these steps:

  1. Double check the PDF gift certificate and enter the code again.

  2. If your code was entered correctly but you are still seeing this message, check your account status to see if your account has already been upgraded to Premium.

  3. If your account has not been upgraded to Premium, please contact us for further assistance.

“You already have a Day One Premium membership, so you can’t redeem this gift right now.“

If you see a message that you are already subscribed, then the account you are using already has a Premium membership, so it is not eligible for upgrade. You can give the gift certificate to someone else who is not yet a Premium member.

“Sorry, there was an unexpected problem. Please try again. If that doesn’t work, please contact support.”

If you see a message that an unexpected problem occurred, often times simply entering the code again will work. If not, go to to log out of your account and then try again. If you continue to see an error message, please contact us for further assistance.

If you do not see one of these error messages and you are unable to redeem your gift certificate, please contact us for further assistance.

6. Do I have to enter a credit card to use a Day One gift certificate on my account?

No. Just go to to enter your gift code. If you are new to Day One, it’s easy to sign up. You can enter an email address, or you can use your Apple ID or Google login. No credit card is required. 

7. Will you notify me when my gift membership expires?

If you have provided us your email address, we will send you an email to remind you when your membership is about to expire. 

If you have not provided your email address, you can provide your email address at any time under your Account.

You can check when your membership will expire in settings.

8. Can I purchase more than one gift certificate?

Yes, you can purchase as many gift certificates as you want, but they currently have to be purchased one at a time.

9. Can I redeem more than one gift certificate on my account?

You can only use one gift certificate at a time on your account. If you apply a gift certificate to your account, you can apply another gift certificate once your subscription expires. Go to settings to check when your membership will expire.

10. Can I redeem a gift certificate if I am already a Day One premium member?

No. Gift certificates are for Premium membership. If you are already a Premium member through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, you can give the gift certificate to someone who does not have Premium.

11. If I purchase a gift certificate, can I apply it to my own account?

A gift certificate can be applied to any account, as long as the account is not already Premium.

12. What happens to my gift certificate if I delete my account?

Once a gift certificate has been redeemed, it is no longer valid. If you delete your account, you will need to create a new account and re-subscribe to Premium in order to use Premium features.

13. Is my payment secure?

We offer two pay options: Apple Pay and credit/debit cards (supported by Stripe). These payments use those systems respectively and we do not get access to your private data at all. Here is more info from those providers about how they protect your data:



If you have any additional questions, please contact us.


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