Adding media to entries in Day One for iOS

Adding photos to Day One on iOS

A picture is worth a thousand words and, in Day One, you can include photos, videos, audio, and PDFs to enrich and enhance your entries. Adding media to entries in Day One is a great way to keep your memories alive and vivid.

Basic: 1 photo per entry
Plus: up to 10 photos per entry
Premium: up to 30 media per entry, including 5-minute videos (1080p), audio recordings, and PDFs

Adding photos or video

Tap the Photo icon at the top of the Timeline view to start a new entry with photo options. Long-press on the Photo icon for additional options and a quick look at recent photos to select.

Tap the + button at the bottom to start a new entry. Basic media icons appear in the entry when first launched.

Long press the + button for media options as well.

When editing an entry, tap the paper clip icon to access options to media (and more!). There are options to open to the Photo Library, Camera for still photos or video, Drawing, Scans, or tap File to search for media in the Files app.

Once a photo is loaded into an entry, long press on any photo for options to Cut, Copy, Share, Favorite, Insert Text Below, Rotate Left, and Delete.

Photos can also be added from the Today View. Tap a date in the Calendar to see a variety of sources for new entries including Photos.

Tap the Media view along the bottom to view media in existing entries. Tap the options at the top to start a new entry with these options.

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