Merging Day One accounts

How to merge a standard Day One account and an account with Apple ID

It is possible to have multiple accounts with Day One depending on the option chosen when signing into your account on each device. Here are the sign-in options:

  • Apple ID

  • Day One account (email/password)

When using Apple ID to sign in, we use CloudKit technology provided by Apple and Day One receives a unique/anonymous token which we use to sign users into a Day One account based on the Apple ID being used in the device Settings. We never have access to the actual Apple ID credentials.

A standard Day One account is one created by the user with an email and password.

If there are two separate accounts, here is how to “merge” them. Be sure that your data is in the Day One app on at least one device. If your data is not present within Day One, please contact support for assistance first. These steps will not affect data in the app or a subscription status. 

Lastly, if you have multiple Apple IDs, please contact the support representative first, before proceeding. 

  1. Before you begin, export your data as a JSON file on each device. This can be re-imported if necessary. See here. This is just a precautionary measure and may not be needed.

  2. Save a copy of the encryption key from Day One > Settings > Sync > Encryption Key (iOS) OR Day One > Preferences > Journals > Show Encryption Key (macOS) if not already saved.

  3. Sign out of Day One Sync in the app on all devices. 


  • Open Day One on iOS and tap on the Settings icon.

  • Tap your account (Name, email) at the top.

  • Tap Sign Out.


  • Open Day One and click Day One > Preferences in the file menu.

  • Click the Sync tab.

  • Click Sign Out and then click to Stop Syncing.

     3. Use these steps to delete the account with Apple ID. This does not affect data stored locally on the device. 

  • Go to in a web browser, then click Sign In with Apple ID.

  • Sign in using your Apple ID email address and password. (Note: This uses an official Apple-provided-and-secured web service.)

  • Once signed in, scroll down to Delete Account.

  • To confirm this choice, click the Login with Apple ID then sign in again.

     4. Go to back to, and click Sign In with E-Mail

  • Sign in with your email and password

  • Scroll down and click Link Apple ID

  • Sign in with Apple ID to confirm

   5. Sign back in to Day One Sync on all devices.


  • Open Day One on iOS and tap on the Settings icon.

  • Tap Sign In then Existing Account > Day One Account or Apple ID.

  • Manually enter your Day One Sync login credentials. If you used Apple ID, Day One will used the stored information on your device Settings.

  • Tap Enable Sync on the popup.


  • Open Day One and click Day One > Preferences in the file menu.

  • Click the Sync tab.

  • Click Sign In

  • Enter your email address and password or choose Sign in with Apple ID.

  • Click Sign In

  • Click Enable Sync

**If you have multiple email address and/or multiple Apple IDs, please contact support for additional help.**

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