Solving Sync Troubles

How to troubleshoot Day One sync issues

While sync troubles are rare, they do happen. Here are the first things to check when you notice content you edited or added on one device isn’t showing on others:

Are you signed into the same account on every device?

This may seem like it’s obvious, but it’s worth checking your User ID on all devices to be sure they are the same.

If you login with you Apple ID, Apple keeps your email private from Day One. Your Day One account won’t have your email unless you update the account manually. That means it’s actually pretty easy to accidentally make 2 accounts, one with your email and a Day One password, and another with your Apple ID.

Do you see Premium on all devices?

If you don’t see Premium on all devices we recommend you follow the guide to Premium Subscription troubleshooting . If you’re using multiple devices then they will need to all have Premium showing for sync to work properly.

Are you on the latest update?

Check the app in your app store and tap update if you see the option. We’re always releasing improvements, so there’s a chance the issue you’re seeing has been resolved already.

You can find Day One in the app store for MacOS, iOS and Android.

Did you make any big changes to your account recently?

If you’ve just merged Journals, or changed the tags on a bunch of entries Day One may need to be left open for a bit for those changes to have time to update to our servers. Try going to Settings > Sync > Sync Now then let the app sit in the foreground for a while to do this.

If you’re still having trouble after that let us know in the forums or in-app if you have a Premium subscription. We want to investigate to keep sync working flawlessly for you.

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