Trying to Establish a New Routine? Try Habit Stacking.

john-baker-3To9V42K0Ag-unsplashThis year has not been kind to the habits, patterns, and routines you had previously established for yourself. Instead of waking up and going to the gym, you now do yoga in the front room. Rather than meet a friend for coffee at a shop around the corner, you brew your own batch in the kitchen. And that long commute you used to make downtown on the train? Now you … Read more “Trying to Establish a New Routine? Try Habit Stacking.”

Wondering What to Write? There’s a Prompt For That.


When we launched Templates last year, we did so hoping an in-app framework for repeated journal responses would help facilitate daily journaling. Many journalers like to log the same type of response each day, and Templates make this easy to do. Our Templates library includes Day Summary, 5 Minute PM, Meals, Ideas and more. Users can also create their own custom Templates. 

The response to Templates has been overwhelmingly positive, Read more “Wondering What to Write? There’s a Prompt For That.”

Thankful For Our Day One Users

When we released Version 1.0 of Day One 8 1/2 years ago, we never could have imagined what Day One would become. It was just a simple journaling app in a big, crowded app store. We didn’t know if success would come, but we knew we had to try. Over the years, we’ve added new capabilities so you, our users, could capture more of what matters most in your lives.… Read more “Thankful For Our Day One Users”

Giving Thanks All Month Long

Turkey and pie, football and family. If you live in the United States, you know the day we’re talking about is Thanksgiving. This joyous autumn holiday is celebrated each year on the 4th Thursday of November. It’s a day where friends and family gather to feast, enjoy one another’s company, and express gratitude. It’s that last part we’re going to focus on—not just in this blog post—but throughout the entire … Read more “Giving Thanks All Month Long”

Turn Your Journal Into a Personal Highlight Reel

When ESPN’s SportsCenter Top 10 comes on, you watch. For avid sports fans, these 10 video clips are the best of the best from the past 24 hours. Diving catches, buzzer beaters, and game winning goals. It’s hard to not love highlights.

When we added video recording to Day One, this is what we had in mind: a personal highlight reel of your life. With our phones going everywhere we … Read more “Turn Your Journal Into a Personal Highlight Reel”

It’s Time For Templates

The blank page is a powerful thing, especially when that blank page is in your own, private journal. It’s a canvas of opportunity, full of infinite possibilities. But often times a blank page isn’t what you need. Sometimes you want a little structure and direction to guide you. Which is why we’re thrilled to announce that templates have officially arrived as part of our Version 4.2 release.


You will now Read more “It’s Time For Templates”

Version 4: Video and Day One, Together at Last

It was 1888 when French inventor Louis Le Prince created Roundhay Garden Scene, the first motion picture ever created. To say that motion pictures have completely changed the world is an understatement.

Now days, video is everywhere on every screen size. We watch them on giant screens in theaters, small screens on our wrists, and every screen in between. And thanks to the smartphone, we not only watch videos, but … Read more “Version 4: Video and Day One, Together at Last”

Day One version 3 for macOS

Day One Mac has been redesigned to feel more at home on macOS. With a great improvement in performance and long term maintainability.
Day One Journal version 3 on macOS
Toolbar – Journal pane toggle, Timeline filter, Journal picker, Search, Timeline view tab bar, and New entry button. All now cleaned up and available from the Main app toolbar.

Timeline Cells – Entry list now displays a single photo from the entry with overlay information for included … Read more “Day One version 3 for macOS”

Welcome to Day One

Downloading the Day One Journal app could very well be one of the most powerful decisions of your life. Keeping a journal is very much an act of love. The act of keeping a journal makes you aware of your surroundings, cognizant of your actions, and open to adapting to all the changes around you.

We’ve made Day One to allow you to capture life without allowing life to pass Read more “Welcome to Day One”

Version 3.4: Drawing, Fonts, and Photo Layout

iOS version 3.4 is now available and adds several new features and a long list of updates. See the comprehensive Release Notes page for all the details.


Drawing has been the top feature request for a long time. We’ve been able to create a simple first version of drawing inside Day One to make it easy and fun to write words and draw using Apple Pencil on iPad, or your … Read more “Version 3.4: Drawing, Fonts, and Photo Layout”

Journal from here, there, everywhere.

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Day One app on iOS and Android devices

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